"The nose on this bourbon is soft and mildly sweet, with vanilla, oak, toasted almond, freshly baked pound cake and a hint of orange blossom. On the palate, it is obvious that this is a high-corn bourbon, as an initial wave of sweetness and grain notes appears immediately, giving way to cinnamon, oak and hints of dried plum and chocolate. The mouthfeel is perfectly balanced at 86 proof, being neither too unctuous nor watery. A long satisfying finish with fresh mint, orange peel, milk chocolate and toasted almonds ends things nicely. "

Bib & Tucker

was a term noted to describe a tuxedo or fanciest attire one might wear to a wedding, and Harv Gates the brand ambassador says that is exactly what they are doing. This new edition to HTR top shelf bourbon collection is aged in No. 1 charred American oak for a minimum of 6 years. "Right from the get-go the nose is strong ,and the flavor is very interesting... An underlying note of sweet ginger is very welcoming and leads to medium finish of scorched cinnamon and dried vanilla. "

Review of ColONEL E.H. Taylor Small Batch

Nose: This smells like walking into a rick house during a distillery tour in Kentucky: the air is faintly sweet with the angel’s share, which is made even better by the contrast of slowly aging wood and dust. Taste: This entire pour reminded me of driving down a red dirt road on the island of Kauai with sugarcane clacking in the breeze to signal an approaching tropical storm. The first moment of the sip picks up the greenness of the sugar cane stalks and the road ahead begins to… Burn: … rise gently like a rolling hill in the mid-palate, which then drops back down as it passes on to the back of the throat. Then boom: a vortex of singed sugar which sends spice vapors spiraling up, and out, like the outer bands of a hurricane. Anticipation. Adventure. Adrenaline. It is all here.